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Frequently Asked Questions
Q.  If I had more capital or operating dollars I could do so much more.
A.  While there is an abundance of research on businesses and organizations to suggest that increased productivity, however one defines it, is not directly linked to more resources; at GLEC we believe that there is an insurmountable perception by leaders that this is the case and therefore reality.  Our task is to look at the alternatives, listen to opportunities and recommend workable solutions.
Q.  My Board is not living up to my expectations.
A.  Setting expectations is an important part of the Board Management process. It is generally best to approach this challenge with outside counsel who understands what you expect and how that message can be delivered to the Board.
Q.  I’ve used consultants in the past and had mixed reviews, how is GLEC going to be different?
A.  The experience that our clients have gleaned from working with other consultants is helpful during our engagement.  While we can’t speak for what others have offered to do, we can promise you that we will listen, deliver solutions on time and within budget.  We can also promise you that if we determine that the engagement is not a “fit” we will advise you accordingly.
Q.  I want to insure that the return on my investment is measurable, short term and long term.
A.  GLEC prides itself on setting measurable objectives and assessing the deliverables. We firmly believe that “if it can’t be measured it can’t be managed”.  We also work hard to lift staff thinking to this level.
Q.  Our company/organization does a lot of good work and we need to get more communications out on our successes.
A.  One of the first things we would suggest to any client is to complete a communications audit: what messages are being sent to what groups, how and with what degree of frequency.  Are you listening to organizational buzz and doing anything about it?
Q.  How does GLEC set its fees for service?
A.  GLEC is a member of AFP and AMC and we embrace both professional associations’ values and code of ethics.  Our fees are set on a daily basis or project basis in consultation with each client and disclosed at the beginning of the engagement.
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