Great Lakes Entrepreneurship Center - Consultants in Organization and Business Advancement
About Us
Who we are:
  • GLEC sees itself as “trusted counsel” to businesses and organizations, offering unique value propositions in building and sustaining client relationships.
  • The GLEC professional team is comprised of communications, sales & marketing, professional fund raisers, manufacturing, executive leadership, board service specialist and strategic planners. Each professional has an average of 20 years of successful experience.
  • GLEC uses an open source process to bring onto the team other professionals to address specific issues outside of our core competencies. 
What We Do:
  • GLEC works at understanding the culture of the business, its people, processes, accountability standards and execution styles, as a means of building client solutions.
  • GLEC focuses on working with entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations committed to accelerating Next Generation ideas.
  • GLEC examines traditional growth strategies: operational skills, privileged assets, execution skills, and special relationships in conducting a client readiness assessment.
  • GLEC uses strategic listening and mapping analysis to understand the gap between plans and end of year actuals.
  • GLEC helps businesses and organizations connect the dots--aligning project portfolios with resources and outcomes.
How we work for you:
 Our team of experienced professionals engages your management team in looking for end-to-end solutions.  We help to identify the problems and listen to comments on “how to fix it.”  We provide market-based and reseach-driven solutions options. We counsel owners and other stakeholders on expectations about the and the market and competitive intelligence.
Seneca County
Tiffin, Ohio  44883
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