Great Lakes Entrepreneurship Center - Consultants in Organization and Business Advancement
In building the Great Lakes Entrepreneurship Center as a solutions-based consultancy, we had one goal in mind: advancing the work of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations through consulting in Organizational Planning, Performance, Deal Flow, Market Research, Communications and Philanthropy. Our not for profit clients are referred to our website which focuses on their unique values,
This website will familiarize you with our mission, our values and the people who can add value to your efforts. Perhaps you already know you are an entrepreneur (Click here to take the test) or you lead an entrepreneurial organization.  Believe us, we see and read about your visions and passion and need to align people, capital and projects with plans for the future.  Our role is to listen, research, and engage in conversations that can assist management teams and owners in achieving their goals. 
The Center Team consists of professionals whose experience averages 20 plus years, men and women who have owned businesses, consulted with not-for-profits, built longstanding relationships and have the most recent knowledge about entrepreneurial organizations.  We know how to deliver results that meet your expectaitons.
The two greatest challenges facing organizations and businesses today are understanding the markets they serve and securing the necessary resources. The Great Lakes E-Center is one of a few national consultancy groups working in both for-profit and not-for-profit sectors.  We understand the mutual relationship between the two and their role in our society.  Our experience with our specialized development outreach, The Advancement Collaborative, adds additional skills for your projects.
We invite you to contact us to talk with us about your vision, your organization and the challenges you face.  Yogi Berra said, “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”  Perhaps he was talking about future leaders like yourself.  Our team at GLEC looks forward to working with you.
William F. Stepp, PhD
Chief Strategist
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